Thursday, 26 January 2012

Oh my god!

Do I believe in god? The answer to this question is as confusing as it has been. Let me begin answering this question by ruling out some of the easier and most obvious options. I am not an atheist! And I don't subscribe to any particular religion except Hinduism. That would be because I was made to believe that I was born into it and I have a Hindu name. So, even before I had started reasoning these things out, I was a Hindu. I do pray. But I can't say for certain that the gods I address my prayers do exist. I guess that would make me an agnostic. But I have a problem with that. I think there is more to be said about god in order to get some more clarity into this issue.

God, apart from being the creator, comes across as an infinite being. So what is infinity? It could be best understood as something that has neither a beginning nor an end but just exists. But this concept of infinity is so abstract that it impossible to tell if it is imaginary or a possibility. It is technically unobservable, because if it is, then the observer would be god. Hmmm... dead end, huh? Not really. But, we could observe that there are somethings that exist on an exponentially bigger scale that they seem to have an infinite existence. For instance, a butterfly could never observe a human being's existence. But the butterfly is too busy living to worry about god. Nevertheless, a human being could intervene in the existence of the butterfly. In modern laboratories, he could even create it. In relative terms, a human being is possibly a butterfly's god. It's only that the butterfly doesn't realise it.

What do human beings have which precede them in the mere longevity of existence? trees? the sun? the earth? mother nature? It is now understandable why most indigenous tribes worshiped the sun, the earth and mother nature as gods. But then what is the point of worshiping them anyway?

We need to realise that god is too beyond us to believe in, but we need a god to pray to when a dear one is sick. We need god for our strength. No matter what form god has, or what name he or she has been known as, we need god for our tough times. God only exists when our existence runs into trouble. In utopia, there is no god; in dystopia, there is an impotent god; well, then, in our world is the only potent god who could ever be imagined. But, in order to be god, god has to be unknowable and under contention all the time!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

First post...

Can someone tell me what the meaning of the following sentence is? Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Are the objects closer or does the appearance seem closer than the objects?